— Agni —

— Agni —

In Vedas Agni is mentioned in everywhere. People may think that the English translation of Agni is fire and the Vedas are telling about fire or worshiping fire. The modern translator makes Vedas more difficult to understand and
people often misquote it. Yes one meaning of Agni is fire but to understand or realize the essence of Veda and why Agni is so important in Vedas we have to look deep inside it.

The Agni comes from the root word Aag (Dhatu),

The meaning of this Aag dhatu (root) is light or enticing light, means the energy which brings the light of knowledge, or enlighten the mind is called Agni.

Another meaning of Aag dhatu is supreme or main. The consciousness, the energy which is the supreme of the universe, the energy which is from the source of divine is called Agni.

Again the Aag dhatu means movement or flow. The divine energy which is the cause of this universal climax, which streams the universe, is called Agni.

These excellences of Agni are described through 100s of hymens in veda. This Agni is the ancient, the divine, source of every energy, element of every devas, dharmas, the guardian of Truth. This Agni is the cosmic energy of the Supreme being.


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