There are many Hindus and some
Muslims who utter “Hindu Muslim bhai
bhai”. Pleasant to hear. Good soundbite.
My question to them – according to
Quran and Hadis, Muslims are ‘Momin’
and Hindus are ‘Kaffir’. Not only that,
Hindus are the worst type of Kaffir
because they commit the sin of ‘Shirk’,
which means dividing the creator/god.
Therefore, they are called ‘Mushrik’.
Moreover, Hindus commit the sin of Idol
worship. Therefore they are ‘Butparast’.
So, according to Islam – Hindus are
‘Kaffir’, ‘Mushrik’ and Butparast’. So, if
you declare ‘Hindu Muslim bhai bhai’,
that means – “ Momin Kaffir bhai bhai”,
“Momin Mushrik bhai bhai” and
“Allahparast Butparast bhai bhai”. Isn’t
So, I am earnestly asking my liberal
Muslim friends to declare “ Momin Kaffir
bhai bhai”, “Momin Mushrik bhai bhai”
and “Allahparast Butparast bhai bhai” in
the same breath with “Hindu Muslim
bhai bhai”. I also ask them to utter these
slogans in loud voice inside some
Am I asking too much? Muslims are more
religious than Hindus. So, ‘naras’(slogan)
inside masjid have tremendous effect in
their life. Slogan shouting like “Hindu
Muslim bhai bhai” among the Hindu mob
only will not be considered sincere and
honest. Shouting of these 3 slogans
inside and outside Mosques will be
sincere, honest and will bring desired
result. Communal peace will be
established. Are you ready? And my
secular Hindu friends, are you prepared
to insist upon your liberal, broad minded,
secular, peace-loving Muslim compatriots
to do this? Come, let us shout together :
“ Momin Kaffir bhai bhai”, “Momin
Mushrik bhai bhai”, “Allahparast
Butparast bhai bhai”.