Salute you bd salute your mullacularism!

Bangladesh is a secular country(!!!). ****Evidence:
1) Destruction of 18 buddhist viharas in 2012
2) Making 38 hindu-buddhist families homeless in cox’s bazar, 2012!
3) Hampering A good number of Durga pujas this year
4) Destruction of 19000+ idols of Ma Durga from2001 to 2006 during BNP reighn!
5) A hindu mother requests rapists to rape her daughter one by one coz her daughter is too young , after election of 2001!
6) Islam is the national religion of Bangladesh!
7)Constitution starts with the sentence, ” Bismillahir rahim”
8) Bd doesn’t have any minority ministry!
9) Bd doesn’t have reserved seats for minorities in the parliament!
10) 3 govt. holidays for eid (although its a program of single day) only 1 holiday for Durga puja!!!
********Salute you bd salute your mullacularism!***************


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