After the SRK’s Controversial Comment,, Hafiz Saeed said Shahrukh Khan can come to Pakistan if he does not feel safe in India

The Shahrukh Khan’s recent interview to Outlook Turning Points magazine,  has become a political issue now. The actor had expressed,

“I sometimes become the inadvertent object of political leaders who choose to make me a symbol of all that they think is wrong and unpatriotic about Muslims in India.” “I gave my son and daughter names that could pass for generic (pan-India and pan-religious) ones – Aryan and Suhana. The Khan has been bequeathed by me so they can’t really escape it,” he added. “I pronounce it with my epiglottis when asked by Muslims and throw the Aryan as evidence of their race when non-Muslims enquire. I imagine this will prevent my offspring from receiving unwarranted eviction orders or random fatwas in the future.” SRK also added that he became so sick of being mistaken for some crazed terrorist, “who co-incidentally carries the same name as mine that I made a film subtly titled ‘My Name Is Khan’ (and I am not a terrorist) to prove a point.” “Ironically, I was interrogated at the airport for hours about my last name when I was going to promote the film in America for the first time,” he added.
Mumbai terror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed offered him to stay in Pakistan stating that he would stay there safely. Hafiz said, “Shahrukh is welcome in Pakistan and he can live here for as long as he wants.”
The terror outfit Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) chief Saeed, during an interview with Express News programme Takrar, said, “Shahrukh will be welcome here (Pakistan).” Saeed asserted that Shahrukh should move to Pakistan if he feels “insecure” in India.
The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Tuesday took strong objection to the Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s statement that India must ensure safety of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Even politicians, irrespective of their parties, slammed the minister in one voice for his remark and reminded him to show his concern for the conditions prevailing in Pakistan.”We are quite capable of taking care of the security of our citizens… They (Pakistan) don’t need to worry about it,” Union Home Secretary R.K. Singh said reacting to Malik’s statement.Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi said Malik should not interfere in India’s internal matters. He said Pakistan should worry about its own people.

“I condemn this statement totally… The whole India will take care of its own members. We all know what is going inside Pakistan. Even when Pakistani artists come here, we provide security to them… Muslims are most safe in India,” Alvi said.

“I don’t know what Shah Rukh Khan had said regarding this statement. But Pakistan has no right to say anything about any Indian. Pakistan itself cannot take care of its own. They have to change their perception and their viewpoint,” he said.

“India is a secular country. They cannot force anything on them. Hindustan will make its own decision,” Alvi added.

Reacting angrily to the minister’s remark, the BJP said that Pakistan must stay away from meddling in India’s affairs and that all citizens in this country were safe. Party spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain asked the Centre to send out a stern message to Pakistan.

Another BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said, “Pakistan should be worried about its minorities and not about India’s. We are a secular country… Shah Rukh Khan should refrain from such comments.”

Former Samajwadi Party leader Shahid Siddiqui said, “Shah Rukh Khan wrote an article in Outlook in which he has written that as a Khan what he has gone through and he has appreciated. Shah Rukh Khan’s family is a nationalist family. His father left Pakistan to come to India.”

“Many fans of Shah Rukh Khan are his security. I condemn the remarks made by Hafiz Saeed and Rehman Malik. .. This is one family which is truly Indian. Every Indian must respect Shah Rukh Khan. People like him prove that India is a great secular nation,” Siddiqui said.


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