Detail comparison of 2018 top 5 150-160 cc naked street sport bikes of India

Download the file in excel format :- 160 segment bike compare

Naked street sport Honda CB Hornet 160R Suzuki Gixxer TVS Apache RTR 160 4V Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Yamaha FZ S FI (V 2.0)
Variants Standard | CBS | ABS | ABS DLX Single Disc | Dual Disc Single Disc | Dual Disc | FI Dual Disc 160 NS Single Disc | Dual Disc
Ex- showroom price(kol) 83,675 |88,175 | 89,175 | 91,675 78,337 | 82,214 81,490 | 84, 490 | 89,990 83,290 83,042 | 84,012
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, SI Engine Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, 2 Valve, SOHC Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, OHC, SI Engine Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, 4-Valve, SOHC, DTS-i Engine Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, 2-Valve, SOHC
Engine Displacement (CC) 162.71 cc 154.9 cc 159.7 cc 160.3 cc 149 cc
Power (PS@rpm) 15.09 PS @ 8500 rpm 14.8 PS @ 8000 rpm 16.5 PS @ 8000 rpm 15.5 PS @ 8500 rpm 13.2 PS @8000 rpm
Torque (Nm@rpm) 14.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm 14 Nm @ 6000 rpm 14.8 Nm @ 6500 rpm 14.6 Nm @ 6500 12.8 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Bore 57.30 mm 56 mm 62 mm 57.3 mm
Stroke 63.09 mm 62.9 mm 52.9 mm 57.9 mm
No Of Cylinders 1 1 1 1 1
Drive Type Chain Drive Chain Drive Chain Drive Chain Drive Chain Drive
Valves (per cylinder) 2 2 4 4 2
Fuel System Carburettor Carburettor Carburettor/Fuel Injection Carburettor Fuel Injection
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol Petrol Petrol Petrol
Ignition Digital CDI CDI Digital TCI – Transistor Controlled Ignition Digital Twin Spark TCI
Performance and Fuel Economy
Mileage (kmpl) 48-50 kmpl 64 Kmpl 45-48 40.6 kmpl 53 Kmpl
Top Speed (Km/h) 119 120 114 (FI), 113 (carb.) 120 107
0-60 kmph (sec) 5.08 5.6 4.8(FI), 4.73 (carb.) 5.35 5.2
0-100 kmph (sec) 16.36 19.71 16.6 (FI), 15.9(carb.) 16.54 20.4
No Of Gears 5 Speed 5 Speed 5 Speed 5 Speed 5 Speed
Brakes Front 276 mm front Disc 266 mm front Disc 270 mm Disc 240 mm Disc 267 mm front disc
Brakes Rear 240 mm rear Disc / 140 mm Drum 240 mm rear Disc / 130 mm Drum 130 mm Drum / 270 mm Disc 130 mm Drum 130 mm Drum/220 mm Disc
Chassis and Suspension
Chassis Type Diamond Double Cradle Split Synchro STIFF Perimeter Frame Diamond
Suspension-Front Telescopic Telescopic Telescopic Forks Telescopic with Anti-friction Bush Telescopic
Suspension-Rear Monoshock Swing Arm, Mono Suspension Monoshox Nitrox mono shock absorber with Canister Swingram
Tyres and Wheels
Tyre Size (Front) 100/80 – 17 100/80-17 90/90-17 80/100-17 100/80-17 Rear :-140/60-R17
Tyre Size (Rear) 140/70 – 17 140/60-R17 130/70-17 110/80-17
Wheel Size Front :-17 inch, Rear :-17 inch Front :-17 inch, Rear :-17 inch Front :-17 inch, Rear :-17 inch Front :-17 inch, Rear :-17 inch Front :-17 inch Rear :-17 inch
Tyre Make
Tyre Type Tubeless Tubeless Tubeless Tubeless Tubeless
Wheels Type (Pressed Steel/ Alloy) Alloy Alloy Alloy
Length*Width*Height 2041*783*1091 2050*785*1030 2050*790*1050 2012*803*1060 2060*770*1050
Wheelbase(mm) 1346 mm 1330 mm 1357 mm 1363 mm 1330 mm
Ground Clearance (mm) 164 mm 160 mm 180 mm 176 mm 160 mm
Fuel Capacity (Litres) 12 L 12 L 12 L 12 L 12 L
Kerb Weight (Kg.) 141 135 145(carb. ), 143 (FI) 142 133
Saddle height (mm) 800
Battery 12 V, 4Ah 12 V, 3 Ah 12 V – 9 Ah 12 V 12 V – 4 Ah
Head Lamp LED Halogen Halogen with AHO LED Position Lamp Halogen Halogen
Projector head light No No No No No
Pilot Lamps No No Yes No No
Tail lights X-Shaped LED LED LED LED LED
ABS Optional ABS No No No No
Starting Kick and Self Start Kick and Self Start Kick and Self Start Kick and Self Start Self Start Only
Pass Switch Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speedometer Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital
Tachometer Digital Digital Digital Analogue Digital
Trip Meter Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital
Average Fuel economy No No Yes No Yes
Digital Fuel Indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Distance to Empty No No No No No
Low Fuel Warning Lamp Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Clock Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Stand Alarm No No No No No
Stepup Seat No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Looks Bulky, Macho and Muscular design, it offers superb road presence with its bad ass persona. Body graphics is just best in class. Alloy wheels are very attractive. X shaped tail lamp looks gorgeous. looks like the Chita on the prowl. Younger sibling of the legendary Suzuki GSX. Can be considered as dark horse of the segment which is continuously attracting lot of youths by its looks. Very aggressive and racy design, tank section is too cool. Colour options are very good. But still need to transit the 200 RTR design in order to be the best looking among its rivals. Very recent entry of the section with its new fresh looks. Radical, sporty, hot and sexy. Newest kid on the section. Younger siblings of one of the best 200 section entry Pulsar NS 200. Carries the people champ brand Pulsar. Parameter frame looks absolutely mesmerizing. Stunt maniacs will be loving it. Super hot, diamond frame, Oldest kid of the segment. Came with fresh new paint scheme but still 2016 paint schemes were more eye catchy. New alloy wheels are attractive. Carries its own style statement.
Displacement 2nd highest displacement advantage, also 2nd best in class torque and power in the segment. Though Honda has reduced its power little bit from 2017 AHO model but still hornet is a super power machine in the whole segment. Both torque and power wise comes 3rd. Still the there is a huge different between the practical experience and the on the paper figure. Upto 85-90 kmpr it feels just awesome. Awesome power to weight ratio 105 bhp per ton. The acceleration feel will pumps up the riders adrenaline. Highest displacement comes from the top torque and power from the giant gorzilla of the segment. Racy characteristics makes it the best sporty engine among all. TVS claims it as the most racy natured bike in the segment. Torque wise coming 2nd with best in class max power. Upto 95 kmpr effortless ride. One of the toughest competitor to the Japanese machines. Perfect race ready body makes one of the best displacement engine of all in the segment. Torque and power wise coming last. But lighter weight gives some advantage to its displacement. But the beauty of this bike is this light weight construction never let you know that are riding a under power machine thanks to the brilliant engineers of Yamaha.
Engine refinement Ride feel(refinement level, responsiveness and acceleration feel) wise closely 2nd after Gixxer. Ride feel wise best in class. Almost near perfect and most awarded motorcycle in this segment. Not a load screamer but a calm and cool baby it is. Suzuki has done remarkable job in this section which is almost impossible to beat. Engine heat is lesser than all its rivals thanks to its oil cooled engine which keep the engine cooler than air cooled one .Very refine engine. It’s a absolute delight to ride it. Perfect blend of power and refinement. Bajaj has really excited the expectation and nailed it with the kind of kit it is giving to the mass. Sweet little monster NS 160 is far more refine than Bajaj’s preceding similar segment models. Still triple spark DTSI technology from its elder sibling could have been introduced to this bike. FI system on boarded calcites the optimum amount of fuel in engine thanks to actuators and censors. Engine come with the compact hemi spherical combasion chamber that is design to deliver perfect blend of power and economy. Blue core technology on-board make sure the long term fuel efficiency
Throttle response Throttle is very good and crisp here in hornet. Initial throttle response is awesome in hornet. Awesome low range throttle response. Initial pickup is very impressive. Light and crisp Best in class. Very linear now and smooth. 4 valve engine. The more  you throttle the more response you will get from this bike. Nano fix coated piston used. Killer responsive acceleration throughout the mid range. Nice and crisp. Stunt lovers will love this bike. Blue core technology with FI on boarded gives very good throttle response. Effortless throttle provided. Enough thrust provided to do a quick over takes.
Instrument cluster All digital set comes as 3rd best in the segment. Well readable in day lights Best in segment with gear position indicator, clock, rpm shifter etc. Well readable in day lights 2nd best in the segment. Gear position indicator and lap timer missing. Height speed recorder, 0-60 timer, odometer, trip meter, fuel indicator, tachometer, clock etc. present Analogue-Digital console looks classy. Side stand indicator is a good to have signal present. Fully digital. Comes with eco indicator. Riders can set it as per their convenience. Well readable in day lights
Brakes Best braking capabilities. Largest 276 mm front and 240 mm rear petal disc present. CBS, ABS and combine ABS-CBS makes it way far superior in this section from its rivals. Best ever confidence can be achieved in the higher speed. Very smooth brake lever. Braking is decent but Suzuki needs to work here as disc sizes needs to be increased as well as Suzuki needs to introduce ABS here just like they have added in the SF version. 2nd best in braking. 270 mm front petal disc. 200 mm real petal disc/ 130 mm offers nice braking. 63-0 km in 3.1 sec. Initial bite could be more effective. A larger front and rear disc could be better. Petal disc offers better heat dissipation compare to the conventional disc. Dual channel ABS is very much needed considering its racy engine. Initial bite is not impressive but later on it results well. A optional rear disc is something which is very much awaited by NS fans. Expecting Bajaj to introduce at least single channel ABS to this bike. Comes with smoother brake lever. 57 to 0 kmpr comes in 2.364 sec which is very impressive for a non ABS bike.
Gear box Smooth gear box which is usually expected from and Honda. Little hard some times, compare to the others Very smooth. Butter smooth. Quite smooth
Clutch Best in class lighter clutch feel. Decent enough Light and easy Light Light and nice
Balance Hornet offers very good balance as the kerb weight and the design of this bike are carefully designed by Honda. Here Suzuki done a marvellous job as gixxer results superb weight to power ratio. The bike can bend to the highest degree in cornering. Balance is decent on apache. Heaviest but still rider wont feel the weight on the go that’s one beauty of this bike. Glides thru the roads like a breeze thanks to its lower weight well balanced design. Provides completely fretic free driving in horrible city traffic
Road grip 140 section rear tyre and 110 section front tubeless MRF tyres is the best you can expect. Tyres are long lasting as well. Gives superb road grip 140 section radial MRF rear tyre and 110 section front tubeless gives superb road grip while tackling corners also better grip level in wet surfaces thanks to its awesome water channel capabilities FI version 130 section rear tyres, but Carb version only 110 section. TVS needs to improve this section for apache. But TVS remora tyres are best in class that we can get in RTR as a option. 110-80 rear tyre which is thinner thanks all its rivals. Please note rather than expecting wider rare tyre it is the compound of the tyre that determines the road grips. Softer compound tyres offers better road grips in city condition. For off-roading obvious the equation is different. Also slimmer tyres give good flickibiliy. Super wider tyres add overall weight and hence decrees agility of the bike. 140 section rear fat tyres. MRF designed special FZ radial tyres to give better road grab and water channel capacity. Superb high speed cornering. Very confident in wet roads. Yamaha was the introductory to fat tyres in the segment.
Flickability Now here hornet will only disappoint the riders as the competitors in this segment are too too good. Still a mature experience riders can somehow manage to flick it around the turns better than armature riders. Absolute delight to ride thru city conditions. Shorter wheel base so it has a huge flickability in city traffic. Best in the segment Shorter wheel base 1300 mm along with short 2 piece handle bar results 2nd best flickability in the city as well as one the track Thinner tyres,  however due to the perimeter frame and longest wheel base of 1363 mm is do the justice.    Swift and agile. Ideally positioned handle bar helps rider to flick good in traffic.
high speed stability Better high speed stability due to longer wheel base. Good high speed stability however wind blast handing is something which you can not avoid with this bike Thanks to the closely similar frame to 200 RTR, heavy weight and higher wheel base its high speed stability is now very good here. Longest wheel base and heavy weight result better high speed stability. up to a certain speed.
Handling Superb handling both in city and highways. Can feel little weighty in lower rpm. All aluminium ultra light weight mini power house engine offers great handling and superb refinement delivering sporty performance without compromising with the efficiency Handling to good though we have to keep this on mind that TVS want to this machine to be known for its racing nature. Steel perimeter frame along with the rectangular swing arm offers superb handling and precise control. Weight advantage as having least weight. Enjoys the weight advantage.
Cornering Very good cornering capabilities Sharper cornering capabilities and better water channelling capabilities Decent for the FI version. Not as good for the Crab version Decent cornering. Not as good as its Japanese rivals due to its thin tyres Decent cornering.
Vibration Very less. Feel vibration only after 90kmpl or 10k rpm. Vibration is very less in gixxer. Even if it is pushed up to edges a little vibration can be seen that to on the food pegs only which is ignorable. Very little vibration on 45-60 kmpl. FI version it is lesser. Once the pushes further the bike will show its true colour and will become very smooth. very little vibration in lower rpm but very smooth if it is pushed to higher speed (up to 105kmpr) thanks to only available 4 valve engine segment. up to 85 kmpr no vibration.
Suspension setup Suspension for hornet is a bit harder side. Though the front telescopic suspension is decent enough for city rides. But this is one area where Honda needs to work on. 41 mm telescopic front ideally blend of comfort and performance and 7 step adjustable mono shock suspension is not too soft such that you butt bouncing all the time at higher speed or not too stiff that shatter your back each time it hits a pot holes on the road 37 mm telescopic front and world renowned Race tuned showa monoshock rear suspension gives this bike best suspension setup 2nd best suspension settings. rear nitro gas charged mono sock absorb facility. Chunky 41mm front telescopic suspension light weight monoshock Supports good in lower speeds
Target Rider Mid and taller rider will enjoy this bike more. As hornet is a bulky bull machine so taller and muscular guys will love this machine a lot. Lower saddle height 780 mm. Shorter rider can easily ride this bike. But taller riders can find some oddness with it. Taller rider as saddle height is 800 mm Taller rider will enjoy this bike the best. The saddle height is little towards taller side. Saddle height 790 mm. which is good for all size riders.
Sitting position Sitting position is pretty conventional straight thus make it a good commuter for daily riders. Handle bar is little bit ahead which will ask a lean over into it a bit. Sometime it can be a annoying for long rides in highway. Slightly forward biased sitting which means weight does falls on your wrists and palm which might suit the track condition but not that great in daily city usage if compared to others in the segment. Still even in city condition there should not be a concern for youths. Typical pulsar riding posture which is very comfortable. Can be used for daily commuters as well as for long drives. Perfect comfortable sitting posture. Nothing can be expected more than this.
Drag race Third Forth First Second Fifth
Seat comfort Best spacious sit even for the pillion. Cushion can be better. Driver sit is comfortable but worst for pillion. Only size zero or super model can feel comfort in the pillion sit. Quality cushions are used Best for ladies pillion riders as it has shorter heighted and spacious pillion seat. Moreover very comfortable seating arrangement Best rider sitting arrangement in the segment. Comfortable for the rider and decent for the pillion. Premium seating cushion are used. Comes with the skit resistance harder seat which is decent. Overly soft seat can give a butt pain after long rode
Build quality Big muscular build makes big bulky build. Big tank cover. But poor paint scheme is something disappointing. 164 mm ground clearance. Decent build quality, paint work done. 160 mm ground Clarence. Somehow practically gixxer has some issue with ground clearance while driving in city with pillion. Very good. Pillion grip bar is good. Lower engine cover present. Paint work is beautiful and eye catching. 180 mm ground clearance make the highest among all. Perimeter frame give one of the best build to this bike. 176 mm ground clearance. This comes from the legacy of FZ so build as usual superb. Ground clearing is 160mm. But riding along with pillion will not create much issue in city speed breakers.
Switch set up Very ordinary switch setup. Engine kill switch is missing. One of the best in segment with premium looking setup High beam flasher and engine kill switch is present and switches are of good quality. Decent switch setup. Switches backlight present which looks cool at night Decent switch setup.
Headlight introduction of new LED light set gives a huge relief to hornet in this section as it can compete with NS 160 and apache now. Additionally hazard light has been introduced which is very effective in night highway rides. This is one area where gixxer disappoints as the light set is not up the mark. Light spears little not good in highways during night. Eyebrow LED DRL is doing a great job here for apache. powerful 55-60 v head lamp which is best in class. Light speared with the best in segment head light setup are decent. Rear setup are good.
Sound Nice exhaust sound. Twin port exhaust node give awesome sporty sound. Carb. Version little louder than FI. Double barrel exhaust node looks cool but old RTR sound were more sporty. Under belly exhaust loud just expected from a pulsar. Loud and sporty
Tank capacity(lit) 12 12 16. Best in class 12 12
Maintenance From Honda engine you can expect little better life from others in this segment if maintained properly. In case of hornet after every 1000 km chain tighten and after 10-12k km change set change is very much needed. 2018 version comes up with better chain set than previous one. Spare parts availability and nos of server centre is something where Suzuki is lagging a bit. Other wise gixxer is not very hard on pocket kind of bike. Spare part are little too costly compare to others. Here also time to time chain tightening is requires. Maintenance wise TVS was pocket friendly from a long time. Spare parts are also easily available and quite cheap In cost as well. But FI version requires little more attention where is comes to time to time servicing. Maintenance wise best as spares are easily available and huge no of service centre available. Cost of the spares are minimal, but Bajaj engines are very maintenance sensitive if you missed one or two service it will impact on this engine for sure. But if maintained properly you can feel the beauty of this racing engine than all the other bikes in this segment. Most cost effective FI bike present in the segment. Spare part are little in expensive side and availability is decent.
Comment if you are a tall person and want a bigger bad ass looking bike that offers great road presence with great refinement and superb responsive engine, hornet is the baby you should adopt, if you want to go with safer option then you can go with the most awarded, smooth bike in the segment If only care about raw power kick ass engine push and a race ready bike the this bike will pumps up your adrenalins like no one. Scorching hot and relatively fresh with a equally impressive performance and some first in segment features. Youth focus bike. If you are a Yamaha fan boy and prefer the only FI engine in the segment coupled with the reliability and durability which comes as standard with every Yamaha bike this will fulfil your expectation.

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