My CV: Saikat_Banerjee_Resume

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Personal Info:-

Name                          : SAIKAT BANERJEE

Date of Birth                 : 10th Aug, 1990

Contact No.                   : (+91)9836113514

E-mail                        :

alternative E-mail            :

Permanent Address            :  21, Moiradanga Road, Baranagar Kolkata- 700 036

Nationality                   :  Indian

Linguistic Abilities          :  English, Hindi, Bengali

Current Employment status     :  Fresher

Blog address                  :

Educational Qualification: 







B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)

Guru Nanak Institute of Technology

West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT)




Class XII

Sinthee Ramakrishna Sangha Vidyamandir




Class X

Baranagar Narendranath Vidyamandir




Technical Skills:-


  1. Programming Language:- C, C++, JAVA, C#.Net
  2. Server Site Scripting:- JSP, Servlet,
  3. Client Site Scripting:- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jquery, Ajax
  4. Data Base Languages:- SQL, PLSQL
  5. Data Base Connectivity:- JDBC,, Linq
  6. Others:- Data Structures, Database Management System

Computer Proficiency:

  1. MS Word, PowerPoint,
  2. Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver
  3. Net Beans IDE, Eclipse
  4. Microsoft Visual Studio

Project Details:-



Project title: – Service Management System

(click here to download the pptdocumentationnetbeans project +jar filedatabase (.sql)database (.mwb) +database pic )

Description: – It It is a management utility for Service/Repair Centers to effectively manage and track their work orders, their status and the payments made by customers.

Client Company: – Lifeline Computers

Coding Language: – JAVA SWING

Database: – MYSQL

Duration: – 1 Month

Role: – Developer

Co-Developers: – Rahul Syamal, Anik Chowdhury, Arnab Chatterjee

Advisor: – Mr. Shibaji Paul (Future Tech Solutions)



Project title: – Online Travel Aid System

(click here to download the pptdocumentationnetbeans projectdatabase (.sql)database (.mwb) +database pic )

Description: – Travel Aid is an application software which is developed to aid people during
their journey between two locations by providing the following details like the modes of transport available between the locations, the distance between the two places, the fare imposed for each mode of transport, the approx. time taken to reach from source to destination, the details for each mode of transport for instance the bus no., train name, the intermediate bus stoppages/stations between the two locations.

Coding Language: – Java, JSP

Database: – MYSQL

Duration: – on progress

Role: – Developer

Co-Developers: – Rahul Syamal, Anik Chowdhury, Arnab Chatterjee, Dyutiman Nandi, Surangam Chakrobarty

Advisor: – Professor Sinthia Ray (Guru Nanak Institute of Technology)



Project Title: – Online Charity Donation Website

(click here to download the microsoft visual studio projectdatabase script (.sql) + database (.mdf)database (.ldf) + database pic )

Description: – “Donate To Charity” is a website where a person can donate to a charity, raise charity for various causes. Not only a fundraiser, a NGO can also raise fund thru this site and collect donation from the donors. Easy to use interfaces are available for Charity Raising, Payment and searching of data. Both Online (Both Once & ECS Mode) and Offline Payment (only for keeping records regarding donation) is available. All Payment Transactions will be done thru PayPal Payment Gateway. A Donate To Charity confirmation slip(printable) is available for the users after payment. All necessary documents regarding donation (i.e. 80G Certificates) will be provided to the donors thru this site. In Donate To Charity website Charity Locations, User Residential Locations can be tracked by Google map dynamically. Site Guarantees that all the charity details will be 100 % genuine as all the raised charities will be confirmed by the admin before uploading.

Coding Language: -C#.Net, ASP.NET

Scripting:- HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT, jQuery, AJAX

Database: – Microsoft SQL SERVER

Duration: – 1 Month

Role: – Planner, Developer, Tester

Advisor: – Sinjini Sen Sharma (Employee in OS4ED (Open Solutions For Education India Pvt. Ltd))

Personal Skills:

Self Motivation, Dedication, Honesty, Leadership & Organization Skill, Relocatable , Obedient.




  • Playing Strategy Games(PC)
  • Playing Cricket
  • Listening Music
  • Blogging

Extra Curricular Activities/Special Achievements:-

  1. GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Qualified in 2013 with the GATE SCORE of 398 and secure the All India rank of 8459.
  2. Won First Prize in Inter College athletic meet in the year of 2011-2012 at the event of Discus Throw.
  3. Won First Prize in District School Sports Association (District School Athletic Meet) in the year of 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 at the event of Discus Throw.
  4. Won First Prize in Baranagar Zonal School Sports Association (Inter School sports meet) & Sub divisional School Sports Association in the year of 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 at the event of Discus Throw.
  5. An active and responsible member of the Fest Committee (Organizing Committee) to have successfully organized ZYZZVA 2012(annual college fest).

   Date: – 16.08.2013




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